Virtual Story Time

Virtual Story TimePYDC, the Brockton Area Pevention Collaborative and the Plymouth Area Prevention Collaborative have partnered to present Virtual Story Time, December 21, 2020

For the first half hour of this event, elementary aged youth are encouraged to listen to two stories written by local authors and organizations: Sarah Cloud (Penning for Hope) and Theresa Harmon (To The Moon and Back).

The stories “Sam the Superhero and his Super Life” and “Mama Paca: My Heart Won’t Let You Go” address concerns around family substance use, grief , and loss.  They leave behind messages of hope and resilience for elementary aged youth.

The second half hour of this event will be an opportunity for adults to “Meet the Authors” and ask questions around these topics.  In addition, there will be staff with expertise in the field of behavioral health who can provide support around any questions or concerns that may arise.

An elementary appropriate activity will be emailed out prior to the event for youth to have something to work on while adults listen to the Q&A.

The Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force’s Legislative Representative, State Representative Matt Muratore will read “Mama Paca: My Heart Won’t Let You Go” live on zoom.

To the Moon and Back teamed up with Meg Donnelly to create a recorded version of Meg reading “Sam the Superhero and his Super Life” 

Meg Donnelly is a Disney Channel Original Star, who is best known amongst the elementary aged population for the movies “Zombies and Zombies 2″.

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