History, Goals and Objectives

The Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force brings Law Enforcement together with: Educators, Medical Providers, Substance Abuse Experts, Public Safety Officials, Legislators, Community and Faith-Based Coalitions to assist in the fight against opioids.


  • During the 2015 Summer, Plymouth County District Attorney Cruz and Sheriff McDonald organized local experts in the law enforcement, education, medical, prevention, treatment, and faith-based areas of communities in order to provide Plymouth County with a clearinghouse of resources and best practices.
  • The Task Force has been supported by the District Attorney’s Office with state funding through the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)- Heroin and Opioid Crime Reduction Program administered by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). In addition, the District Attorney’s Office utilizes their share of the state Heroin Education and Prevention funding.

Goals and Objectives

During strategic planning on the opioid epidemic in Plymouth County, the Task Force divided the issue into four subsets:
(1) Demand is increasing
(2) Supply is prevalent and changing
(3) Current action plan to address issue is insufficient
(4) Innovative treatment needed with expansion of long term care options

The Task Force created the following goals:

(1) Effectively direct efforts by public and volunteer groups
(2) Coordinate aid responses already in place
(3) Facilitate new prevention ideas to save more lives
(4) Assist caregivers in identifying resources
(5) Promote treatment options to provide care in a timely manner
(6) Reduce the stigma associated with substance abuse
(7) Enhance communication between all sectors of the Task Force
(8) Promote the continual conversation between all sectors of the Task Force

Action Plan:

(1) Build the capacity of the Plymouth County Drug Task Force
(2) Reduce the demand for opioid use
(3) Reduce the supply and accessibility of opioids
(4) Incorporate and augment innovative treatment options that currently exist in the county

The Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force Database