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Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force Resource Guide-2021

America’s Killer New Drug: A 2019 Guide to Fentanyl

written by: Sabrina Williams
Awareness Advocate
Laguna Shores Recovery

Fast Facts on Long-Term Marijuana Use & Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

2019 Safe & Substance Free Guide for Parents & Guardians

Get the Script on Your Prescription

Opioids and Benzodiazepines are medications that are both prescribed by a doctor and have a large potential for misuse. On this one page resource, the commonly prescribed opioids and benzodiazepines are listed, warnings for use, as well as potential signs/symptoms of overdose.

Alcohol Playbook

Alcohol Playbook – The Alcohol Playbook is a local resource created by the Collaborative for teens to have alternative statements to make when feeling pressured to engage in underage drinking or is in the presence of someone who may be intoxicated and how to respond.

Weekend To Do List

Often times, youth are told the cliché phrase “just say no” or “don’t do drugs”, but are not given alternatives to this behavior. The Weekend To Do List provides a list of things to do rather than engaging in drinking or doing drugs this weekend.

Our Local Resources | Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative

Accessing Naloxone

Friends, family members and individuals with opioid dependency are encouraged to obtain Naloxone (Narcan), even in the early stages of recovery. This list includes all of the local pharmacies that carry Naloxone through a standing order. Individuals can obtain Naloxone without a prescription at any of the local pharmacies listed.