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Designated Driver Program / Rideshare PSA

As members of law enforcement, we know the tragic effect impaired driving has on our communities. Lives lost by drunk driving could easily have been prevented. Today, designated drivers and rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft make it much easier to find a safe way home.

The Designated Driver Program

The Designated Driver Program is a proactive approach that we can all take part in, to reduce the number of impaired drivers.

The Designated Driver Program is not meant to endorse underage drinking, and is not to be used by minors.

A Designated Driver is a person, who agrees beforehand not to drink any alcoholic beverages during their evening out.

It does not mean choosing the “most sober” or the “least drunk” at the end of the evening to be designated to drive.

How the Program works:

Participation is voluntary and controlled by the private business.

The program is easy to join. Each business agrees to provide free non-alcoholic beverages to patrons who identify themselves as the Designated Driver to their server.

The Designated Driver accepts responsibility to ensure that other members in their party, especially those who are impaired, are transported home safely.

The Designated Driver must be in a party of two or more and not consume any alcoholic beverages that evening.

If the Designated Driver orders an alcoholic beverage, or is witnessed consuming an alcoholic beverage, the Designated Driver status will be revoked and the non-alcoholic beverages previously served will be charged at the full price.


  • In September 2020, The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) conducted an online survey of 1500 random U.S. drivers, age 21 and older on Alcohol-Impaired Driving During COVID-19 in the US.
    • 81% U.S. drivers consider alcohol impaired driving a serious problem.
    • 75.7% reported utilizing a designated driver or a rideshare.