Plymouth County Outreach

Plymouth County Outreach (PCO) was developed through the Public Safety, Community Coalition and the Faith Based Subcommittees of the Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force.

Since its inception, PCO has fostered an innovative law enforcement/non law enforcement collaboration which includes the District Attorney's Office, The Sheriff's Department, all 27 police departments, 5 major hospitals, recovery coaches, DCF, District Court Probation, PAARI, community and faith-based coalitions.

The two main aspects of the program are; overdose follow-up and community drop in centers.

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Overdose Follow Up:

Within 12-24 hours of an overdose, an Outreach team consisting of plain clothes officers, a licensed clinician, and/or a recovery coach will conduct a home visit of the overdose survivor. The intent of the outreach effort is to provide resources and support to those with substance use disorders and/or their families with the hope of getting people into treatment and connecting family/friends with existing resources in the county.

Community Drop In Centers:

Through the support of Project Outreach / PCO Hope, a drop in center in various sites across Plymouth County are held each week.  These centers host a growing number of health care providers who help with treatment options and train and distribute Narcan for free.  (Narcan, also known as Naloxone, can reverse opioid overdose.)

Community Drop In Centers

Calendar of Events

Project Outreach/PCO Hope Drop In Centers are open for anyone who is looking for information about treatment.  We encourage family  and friends to stop in and talk to our healthcare providers.  This setting provides a unique opportunity to have the undivided attention of a healthcare worker who specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders.  They will answer any question you have, explain the science of addiction, discuss treatment options, help to work through issues with paying for treatment, and assist individuals with getting into a treatment program.