Minutes- April 2016

I.  WELCOME – Sheriff Joe McDonald
  • Update on Section 35
    • Stats – Number of participants have varied (overflow population from MASAC):
      • December – Mid-teens / January – in the 20’s
    • The numbers indicated from MASAC were doable at first, but they need more beds
    • Increasing # of beds – need to take into account population limit for effective treatment
    • Opening a 2nd unit – increasing the count to 50 in 1st unit and another 50 in 2nd unit à no additional cost to commonwealth
    • Sheriff spoke to 2 gentlemen to hear their stories – they had very different situations, but were both hopeful
      • This reinforced the good in this work – their input is very important to continuing services and making bigger
    • Need to replicate this model of utilizing the correctional facilities for treatment
    • Question: Do you do overdose prevention within the section 35 beds?
      • Yes, this is covered in the treatment program – they receive the same counseling and treatment that they would at MASAC
    • Vivitrol treatment is available to everyone, but everyone does not qualify – this involves intense counseling
      • Harbor Health partnering with Vivitrol – when individuals leave, they go through the therapy with them
    • Insurance?
      • This is part of the re-entry process
      • If incarcerated, mass health is terminated and it is a long process to go back through it – looking to change Medicaid termination to suspension
II.  District A Tim Cruz 

 Conference in Atlanta

  • About 1,900 participants
  • Congressmen and the President attended – the President dedicating $$
  • Many different tracks offered – legislative, doctors, etc.
  • Prescription meds – reducing demands; when and how they should be used
    • Medical professionals leading the way to end epidemic
  • Education and collaboration is key
  • Pushing to evidence based strategies
  • Longer term facilities
  • Understanding the role of law enforcement
  • Report on the National Heroin Task Force
    • In line with national effort – assisting all communities with best practices
  • Project Safe Neighborhood
    • DA noted that this was one of the best programs – 2006-2007 gun drug violence in urban communities
    • Funding was previously gone
  • ½ million dollar grant over two years
  • Brockton – “we are the site”
III.  Sub – Committee Reports

 A.  Public Safety- Chief Mike Botieri

  •  Plymouth Outreach Program – 4 months so far
    • 85% of follow up visits accept bed on day of or in a matter of a week
    • We go out to visits with a commitment of a bed – 26/27 into beds
    • “People know we’re coming”
    • Starting to collect the right data
    • 3 communities now involved with initiative – want to consolidate this with every community in Plymouth County
    • Getting footage to show progress
    • Data software to share with other departments –overlaying in data – Sheriff and Da working on this
    • Norfolk County Initiative
      • Shift to looking at OD deaths to make connections
  • EB Hope Drop-In Center -2011 created – Gloucester plan tailored to EB
    • Volunteer driven outreach program at local church – started with 6 tables and clinician, now up to 13
    • 180 people reached so far – treating addict and family
    • Active users – clinician support, narcan training, questions answered, etc.
    • 51-80 is the largest age groups being seen
    • EB follow up piece – treating as a homicide investigation
      • Well received at homes – success with this
      • Overdose database – deaths are up from last year at this point, OD’s on par
    • Chief noted that the goal is to put these two together – one system that works for everyone
  • Brockton Champion Plan
    • Feb 29 start date – enter police department, warrant checked
    • Safe haven at Stairway to Recovery – staff/volunteer pick up at PD to bring to intake at Stairway to Recovery
    • Evaluation program in place
    • Placements for everyone to treatment so far and follow up is taking place in treatment with individuals
    • CSS = 10-14 days based on insurance; TSS = free paid by state (longer placement)
  • Goals:
    • Establish one operational plan for county
    • Identify opportunities of sharing practices – ex. EB Hope
    • What is the data we really need for grants
    • By Dec. 2016 – Plymouth County Departments doing follow up program; 6-10 communities by summer

B. Medical – Dr. Dan Muse

  •  CDC guidelines for Physicians and Patients
    • CDC recommends 3 days for acute pain
    • An overview of the committee was provided and reviewed at the meeting
  • Public awareness – hospitals approaching it in different ways; unify resources
  • Creation of new facilities – we need beds on the medical side – innovative approaches to securing beds
  • Mother/Infant Evaluation – we are seeing more of it, Governor’s bill includes this
  • Data Collection – We are doing great at data
  • House Bill # 3468 states that patients would need to go to the emergency room after narcan reversal
    • This would protect police officers and citizens of the commonwealth
    • If they don’t take it out of committee by July 1st, they will be able to refuse going to the ER
      • Petitioners of the bill, support in delegation – we need to reach out to Rep Randy Hunt sooner than our next meeting
    • Who’s accountable after receiving narcan and something bad happens?
  • The committee came up with a list of recommendations for medical prescribing practices
    • They will be working to put these out to all of Plymouth County medical
    • Chronic pain vs. acute pain
    • “Talking to the patients”
    • Eliminating the use of narcotics

C.  Education Subcommittee- tabled until next meeting

D.  Community Coalitions Update- Hillary Dubois

  •  Hillary announced that many coalitions are focusing on initiatives around pre prom, graduation
    • Community-based education programs
  • Death certificates
  • Summer is typically the quieter months except for the past two years

E.  Faith-Based Coalitions Update:

  •  Teen Challenge is working to implement a Making Good Decisions program in partnership with the schools
    • Reaching youth with a message of hope through good decision-making
  • Working on outreach as much as possible – hopefully bringing the program to the schools, but hosted within the community

F.  Data Collection

  •  Discussion regarding possible Funding Streams

G.  Legislative Report-Senator deMacedo

  • Legalization of marijuana and overview of current conversations on the Hill
    • Significant progress in region despite this horror
    • Colorado visit shed light on the commonwealth ballot initiative – if passed what do we need to do
      • All senators in opposition – there are a ton of complications
  • Ballot: legalizing marijuana and hashish oil industry in its entirety
    • Edibles – oil infused 30-40% THC; target audience – younger population being reached through advertising
      • This is our fight for kids – we have the facts on our side
    • Issued a lengthy report of consequences – not enough to say no – we are getting involved with an anti-ballot committee just created this past Thursday
      • All working together to fight this – Gov., Speaker, Mayor, Attorney General
      • “Why open another door?”
      • Out spent 9-1; 35-50 million raised vs 3-5 million raised on our end
    • Argument of revenue producer for the state
    • Commonwealth needs to regulate this whole industry – incredibly extensive $$
  • A presentation of our findings can be available to anyone interested
V.  Additions to the Task Force Organization Chart 
  • New Members were welcomed at the meeting:
    • Good Samaritan Hospital
    • South Coast/Tobey Hospital
    • VNA
VI.  Open Discussion
  •  Ed – agenda item: DPH
    • PMP – MASS PAT
    • 11-12% of doctors using PMP
    • Drug story Theater
      • Best questions were heard from sixth graders
      • Baby steps at younger age
      • What is the right age?
  • Upcoming Conferences
    • Upcoming conference being held at Bridgewater State University – May 17th
      • Role of educators in the opioid crisis
        • Drug endangered children
      • Law Enforcement Conference – April 29th
        • Diversion trends, opioid investigations, ADAs
      • The Sheriff’s Department calendar can be used to post upcoming events – link will be sent to the taskforce
VII.  Adjournment