Drug Endangered Children: Building a Coordinated Response

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8:00-8:30 am- Registration
8:30-9:00 am- Welcome:
Timothy J. Cruz, District Attorney

9:00-11:15 am- Core DEC Awareness:
Identifying Drug Endangered Children: A Collaborative Approach

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain Awareness about drug endangered children and the risks they face so tht professions interacting with these victims recognize the need to facilitate multi-disciplinary, collaborative responses to better meetthe needs of these children.
  2. Understand the many opportunities (often missed) to identify children living in dangerous drug environments and the benefits of intervention at the earliest possible point when endangerment is suspected to reduce physical and psychological harm to children.
  3. Learn what a multidisciplinary collaborative response looks like and how it incorporates the unique and often limited resources within a community and applies them in a manner that provides better care for drug endangered children.

9:45-10:00 am- Break
11:15-12:00 pm- Lunch

12:00-3:00 pm -The DEC Approach
“Moving from Awareness to Action…”

Learning Objectives
  1. Gain insight about how our own experience, attitudes, values and emotions impact effective collaboration under the DEC Approach.
  2. Gain insight about our collaborative partners to decrease frustrations when utilizing he DEC Approach.
  3. Understand how utilizing collaboration leads to more informed decisions and increased likelihood of better outcomes on behalf of drug endangered children and their families under the DEC Approach.
  4. Be able to implement changes in identification of children, mandatory reporting, and evidence and information collection in our respective practices on behalf of drug endangered children.